Loadpoint MacroAce Dicing Machine

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The MacroAce is a very large capacity dicing machine for heavy duty single and multiple blade applications. A work capacity of 250 x 250 x 30 mm combined with 120 mm of spindle vertical movement enables diced or slotted features to be machined on the top of thick assemblies.To provide all the features expected in a standard dicing machine Loadpoint have fitted their NanoControl system, used on the successful NanoAce machine, to the MacroAce structure. This provides a highly flexible programming capability with Z control, using the Loadpoint contact height sensing system, and a TV based alignment system. The Y and Z axes are controlled by linear encoders in 1 micron increments.The well proven quick change arbor system enable blades from 76.2 to 180 mm diameter to be fitted for dicing and sawing, as well as giving the capability to fit grinding wheels for surface grinding applications. A multiple blade capability is available for suitable applications.A large capacity rotary table is available for theta rotation and this can be linked to the NanoControl for automatic cutting routines. Work holding systems available include vacuum and magnetic chucks with vices and single or two axis goniometers as required.Totally enclosing coolant screens are fitted with a port for coolant mist to be ducted into an extraction system. Re-circulating coolant systems based on paper or magnetic drums can be supplied. The MacroAce is a major step in the machining of ferroelectric applications as it provides all the features required for R&D and production in this rapidly expanding market.

  • X movement 250 mm
  • Y movement 250 mm
  • Z movement 35 mm
  • DC Brushless bearing
  • Constant torque
  • NanoControl System (optional)
  • Theta table, goniometer
  • Alignment system
  • Blade capacity: 51 mm to 180 mm
  • Wheel systems: single and multi-blade packs
  • Work holding and alignment built to suit application
  • Full coolant system



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