Loadpoint MicroAce 66 150mm Dicing Saw

Product Image

The new MicroAce 66 150mm dicing saw is the latest release from Loadpoint and builds on the rugged reliable reputation of the MicroAce Series 3 for applications from prototypes to production volumes.

It maintains the strengths of the previous systems:

  • Off-chuck contact height sensing - allowing use of conductive and non-conductive blades
  • Rigid structure ensures high accuracy and consistent performance
  • Spacious internal design kept as simple as possible for reliability and straight forward maintenance

The new model is improved with:

  • Improved accuracy
  • Greater Z travel movement enabling dicing and scribing of materials up to 10mm thick
  • Purpose-designed air-bearing spindle, based on Loadpoint and Loadpoint Bearings' combined dicing and air-bearing experience, reduces chipping and improves cut quality
  • Coolant delivery from four types of jets allowing wider and finer adjustment to suit all applications
  • Fully enclosed dicing area

Utilizing Loadpoint's proprietary Nano Control software and control system, the MicroAce 66 with Kerf Check option is available for in-process control in production environments. Click HERE for MicroAce 66 Literature




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