Loadpoint NanoAce 300mm Dicing Saw

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Loadpoint's NanoAce is a high precision machine tool suitable for the latest components produced by the Electronics/Semiconductor and related industries.The NanoAce is dedicated to cutting, dicing and scribing operations on materials including Alumina, BGA moldings, Ceramic, Glass, GaAs, Sapphire, Germanium, Ferrite, PZT, and Silicon.The NanoAce uses a top of the range high powered air bearing spindle custom designed and manufactured by Loadpoint Bearings Ltd. Motion Control is provided in 4 axes – X, Y, Z and theta – enabling a wide range of machining operations to be performed on work pieces up to 305mm square. It has full conformity to CE safety standards.The NanoAce is offered with a choice of two control systems. The Loadpoint 'Windows' based controller is specifically designed for cutting dicing and scribing. This has a user friendly operator interface and range of features for simplifying machine operation and providing process information. These include machine status, data storage, interlocks, presets status, diagnostics, data logging and machine monitoring. Alternatively the Heidenhain TNC426 controller gives complete flexibility in terms of machining operations that can be performed and the capacity to handle long and complex cutting operations.The custom built rotary table is fitted with a Loadpoint manufactured vacuum chuck designed to handle 12 inch (305mm) wafers held on standard film frame carriers. Vacuum chucks with up to 4 ports are also available to handle multiple work holding , thereby minimising the time between work changeover. A wide speed range 1.2KW air spindle gives NanoAce the capability to machine a large variety of components including dicing of full BGA moulded elements with single or multiple blade packs.




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