Integrated Circuit Singulation

MPE provides dicing services for companies in need of singulation of integrated circuit (IC) chips from small scale or R&D wafer runs. Customers with small manufacturing runs often provide multi-project wafers (also known as “pizza masks” or “shuttle wafers”) with relatively complicated dicing requirements. MPE can dice multi-project wafers when the layout requires picking and remounting die in stages to avoid sawing through devices. Some customers require MPE to isolate and dice test modules out of larger circuits for quality or R&D testing. Large companies with in-house dicing capabilities often prefer MPE for R&D dicing because our flexibility and experience with custom dicing programs allows for fast turnaround times that may not be possible using in-house capabilities. MPE is experienced and well equipped for dicing of various IC wafer technologies including silicon CMOS, GaAs, GaN (gallium nitride), InP, and more.